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The exclusive custom program of ZY Education provides students with the unique opportunity to independently publish international conference (El/Scopus/CPCI inclusion & Retrieval) and even international journal papers (such as SCl papers) as a highly regarded independent first author. This means that you will receive international academic recognition and honors, which is a great boost to your future academic career development. Unlike other industry programs, we are committed to preparing our students for independent thinking, innovation, and academic impact to become the cradle of future academic leaders
Our program adopts a unique dual-mentor service system, in which expert professors in the field and the student's chief executive mentor or application mentor work together to provide comprehensive research support and guidance for students, helping them to complete various forms of research outputs such as research papers, conference papers, essays, proposals, writing samples, etc. We target top international academic conferences and recommend students to attend international academic conferences with wide influence and high academic standards, providing a strong boost to students' academic growth and career development.
Our program has a unique advantage over other research programs in the market. We guarantee our students the output of recommendation letters and the official submission of recommendation letters by professors, avoiding the situation of "recommendation letters must meet the standard to obtain" or "recommendation letters are invalid because professors use private emails to send them" in other programs. This is not only the trust of professors in our program, but also our commitment to our students.
Our team of academic mentors has extensive experience in research and mentoring students in international academic competitions, and hundreds of students have won awards in international research competitions under our guidance. We provide personalized guidance on competition strategies, research directions, and laboratory skills to help you excel in several international academic competitions, including the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), Google Science Fair, Regeneron Science Talent Search, and other prestigious international academic competitions such as the Yau Shing Tung Secondary School Science Award and the International Olympiad.
Under the guidance of top professors, our students will gain exceptional academic experience and all-around industry knowledge. As the flagship brand for North American study abroad, our team of experts will provide you with exclusive and professor-issued certificates for research training courses that recognize your leadership and influence in the industry.
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Official Chinese telephone number
+86 18150843779
Official US telephone number
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